Monday, January 03, 2011

I don't know if you can see it or not but there is a rainbow along the sunset - beautiful! We are almost home, about an hour to go.

Homeward bound!

We are on our way back to Michigan, traveling through the most boring state ever... Ohio.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

God must have made that. He's a pretty silly man!

My daughters say the funniest things.  Today was no different.  We were visiting a friend today and my youngest, who just turned three, saw the glass doors in the bathroom instead of a shower curtain and this is what went through her little brain:

'What is that?' as she points to the shower doors.

'A shower' I reply.

'No, where's the curtain.  This is glass - how do they get in there?'

'You open the door see...' as I show her that it slides.

'God must have made that. she says...

'Maybe it was the person who built the house.' I offered.

'No, God made it - he's a pretty silly man!' she exclaims

So for those of you who were wondering where glass shower doors come from, now you know.

We had a great day visiting friends (long overdue) and watching the Steelers game.  Well, I tried to watch it, but it's pretty difficult with two kids in a foreign house that's kid-free.  I felt like I was watching their every move, waiting for them to break something or ruin something.  Then came the whining/crying because nap time was overdue and I felt like we were ruining the gathering.. of course once the girls settled down and fell asleep my friends said they missed the excitement that they brought.. they were entertaining.  Their entertainment is my headache, go figure :).  Seriously though they girls were pretty well behaved for spending almost 5 hours with a room full of adults.

After that we went out to have our final Christmas Dinner with my grandfather.  The girls had a fabulous time with their cousins, aunt, uncle, pap, and grandma's.  I think poor grandma Vicki took a pretty bad beating from three energetic pre-school aged kids.  She was rolling around on the floor playing with them, being their horse, tickling, etc...  But that's what grandma's are for, right?  The kids were spoiled again and I can confidently say that they couldn't possibly want or need anything for the rest of the year.  No matter how much we say 'save your money.. don't go crazy.. they don't need presents'  my pleads are overruled by loving family who rarely get to see them so in turn they shower them with gifts.  I guess we'll save the 'be grateful for what you have' speech for later and let them enjoy being spoiled for a little while...

Well...  I think it's time to wrap this up.  We're going to be on the long road back to Michigan again tomorrow and there's lots to do to pack up and head home.  Can't Vacation last forever?

I'll leave you with the birthday girl...