Thursday, October 16, 2008

My kids amaze me every day!

Hugga played with a little "laptop" for the majority of the day yesterday. It has letters AEIOU on it, a picture of a corresponding item starting with the letter next to it, then it has colors, shapes, and numbers on it. There's a little game you play and it asks you to "Find it" by matching what is shown on the screen. My 2.5 year old has mastered this little laptop. She matches them all and rarely has a mistake. I'm so proud of her!

She's also recognizing most of her colors. We went through a phase where she called everything Orange. If you pushed her to tell you the real color eventually she would but she'd always start off by saying "orange." Last night we were picking out pajamas and I asked her if she wanted to wear her piggie jammies or her princess jammies. She told me mommy.. no, purple princess jammies (wasn't even one of the options.) She caught me off guard though. I said oh, which ones are purple? Sure enough she reached to the bottom of the pile and pulled out the purple Ariel pajamas. So I ask her what color her shirt is and she replies "pink", what color is mommy's shirt "orange", what color is the couch "green" - we haven't really been going through this with her because everything has been orange but I guess it all clicked in her little head one day :)

My last gush for the day about Hugga is that she loves her Mommy & Me DVD. It had been packed away for a while because we never opened up the boxes of DVDs after we moved (because we still haven't come to an agreement about what to do with them - we have an obscene # of DVDs.) Well we started going through them in the process of purging excess "things" in our house and I found a whole stack of Hugga's DVDs. She loves this one in particular because it's like a video of a mommy & me group singing and dancing to nursery rhymes. She knows all the moves and she dances around the living room happy as can be :)

Taters loves that video too. She actually stood up completely on her own with her hands in the air (because they were singing about up & down.) She went from crawling to walking around the coffee table, couch, and loveseat - all in the same week. Now she's making every attempt she possibly can to step out on her own. I am NOT ready for her to start walking! She's pretty much the best a baby can be - perfectly well behaved, rarely cries, etc... but she gets into EVERYTHING, she's very curious to say the least! I'm afraid of what her curiosity will get her into once she's even more mobile!

She's starting to say "mama" more often. Her first word was "dada" which is fair, I guess, because Hugga said "mama" first (though it's a little frustrating when I do everything for her and yet she calls me "dada" much to my chagrin.) No matter how many times I say "mama" back at her up until this point she's just smiled at me and babbled on about "dadadada" sigh. But now I think she finally got it - I'm mama, not dada!

It's funny how it's so exciting to hear these first words and you feel as though you can't wait for them to learn how to talk but then reality sets in. They learn how to talk and then you wish that just for one minute out of the entire day they would "hush" and quit saying your name and get out of your rear end long enough for you to get something done or have a thought to yourself. Hugga has a problem with saying something over and over again while she thinks of what she's saying next or saying your name until you acknoweldge her. It wears my nerves thin to hear "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy" over and over again and then hear "I, I, I, I, I, I go to bed with daddy!" - as if she has a stuttering problem. She doesn't really though, I think her little brain just works to fast for her to spit all the words out.

What happened to my babies, they're growing up way too fast! Furthermore, Who told them it was allowed!?

Hugga (03-04-06)

Taters (12-31-07)

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