Monday, October 20, 2008

Want a good upper-body workout?

Just get a snap press!!

Never buy another peice of exercise equipment again!

Just go snap-happy once a day and ache your muscles into submission!

I never knew how difficult snapping with an industrial snap press could be until I got one, and tried it for myself. I got it just before I had Taters and I think I probably gave myself a hernia the first time I tried to apply snaps to a diaper. It takes some serious force (or perhaps I really should work out more.) I can only apply snaps to diapers in small increments. I think 6 diapers is my limit. I just applied snaps to 6 diapers and I fear that if I try to continue tonight, my arm just might fall off.

Hugga is coloring with markers at my feet at the moment. She didn't take a nap today at Mamaws house and so she slept from the time I picked her up, straight through dinner, until about 9pm when I was trying to get Taters to sleep. Then, of course, Hugga wakes up - energized and hungry. Now that she's had something to eat she's not ready to go to bed. So coloring it is. She dumps the entire bucket of markers all over the floor, picks the marker that she wants to use (usually blue these days) and colors all over the page. Then she puts the markers back in the bucket, dumps them out again, and puts them back in the bucket again. She has an obsession with organizing things and I know where she gets it from. I hate cleaning, but I love to ogranize things - go figure.

Here's my current sewing To Do List:

20 Diapers & 20 Inserts for Jesse

10 more Diapers for Taters

10 Panties for Hugga

Skull Sling for Leslie

OS Diapers for Bethann

Holiday/Birthday Sewing

Fabric Dollhouse for Hugga

Fleece Pants for Hugga & Taters

Dresses for Hugga & Taters

I-Spy Bag for Hugga

Blankey for Taters

Fleece Sleeping Bag & Pillow for Hugga

Crayon Roll for Hugga

Dolls for Hugga & Taters

Puppets for the Girls

Fleece Scarves for 25 Adults

Cloth Bags for 13 Adult Couples

Disclaimer - My list isn't even done yet and I know I won't get it all done! I'm over-ambitious, but at least that means my heart is in the right place - right?

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Nyck said...

what no tater accomplishment mention from last night!