Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Busy, Busy - when I get the time!

I'm working on Christmas Presents at the moment - it's sneaking up on us pretty fast!

Shhh.. Don't tell Hugga!

I think she'll like it, at least I hope she does! I made it using the tutorial from Chocolate on my Cranium. It was really, really easy. I see more of these in my future, I can think of a few kids that would love to have these. Plus Hugga needs one for her markers too ;)

I didn't forget about Taters - I made her a snuggly blanket. I used JoAnns snuggle fleece that was on sale a few weeks back and bound it with some satin blanket binding that my good friend Trudi passed along to me. It's silky & soft - what baby doesn't love that? If I make a blanket like this again there are a few things I'd do differently - I'd definitely zig zag from the start. I started out straight stitching all the way around until I hit a corner and while I thought I was catching both sides, in some places I wasn't so I went back afterwards and zig zagged it and it's great now.
Straight-stitching was a waste of time for me.

This is a surprise ;) Don't want the receiver to accidentally figure out what they're getting!

I also made some babylegs from some socks I found on clearance at Target! I tried a small cuff and a large cuff - one for Hugga & one for Taters, they both work really well!