Friday, October 10, 2008

Mental note for the future - cutting out 18 diapers and two pairs of fleece pants all in a row - hurts your back!

That being said I love making diapers in an assembly line. It just feels more rewarding to get a whole pile of diapers done all at once.

Want a sneak preview?

18 Size Medium "Huggataters"

12 for a Custom Order for a special someone ;)

6 for Taters

I also made a pair of Steelers Fleece pants for Taters and a pair for my cousin's baby due to arrive here any day now :) I hope my cousin likes them - who am I kidding though. I know she'll like them. We bleed black & gold! I should have picked up more of this fleece so I could make a pair for Hugga but I just didn't have enough - I made her Halloween dress last week though so in all fairness it was Taters turn!

I'm starting my Christmas list as well. I have a few projects that I would like to get done that I think my girls will really like.

I also have an idea to make a bag with some small gifts inside for Nick's family. They decided that we're not going to exchange gifts this year because of finances but we're still getting together as usual for dinner and we're still going to draw names and exchange gifts for the kids. Well, this year it's at my house and I think I want to surprise everyone with a little something. It might not be much because he has 6 aunts & uncles and they have kids & their kids have kids.. but I figured it would be a nice surprise if I could come up with something. Christmas isn't about giving extravagant gifts, or spending a ton of money. It's not even about gifts at all, but it's nice to know that someone thought of you and what's more thoughtful than a homemade/handmade gift specifically for you.

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