Saturday, January 01, 2011

Favorite Photos of 2010

It's easy to remember the bad things that happen, which is why I like to take pictures of the good things!  Here's a picture for each month of 2010 and what I love about each one.
This is my favorite Photo from December for a number of reasons.  First, I'm RARELY in a picture.  Second, I usually hate the pictures that I'm in.  Most of all though, I'm in a picture with two beautiful little girls who are HAPPY and I'm visiting them at school - that's what I love most about this picture.

In November we celebrated Nick's birthday in our happy place, Frankenmuth.  Seriously, we should live there...  we're much nicer people when we're there.  I love the tights N is wearing in this picture, love that Nick is wearing a wool hat that I knit for him and that this was taken outside of the wool store, but most of all I love that the three people that I love more than anything in this world are all bundled up in the same pretty picture.

This picture was taken on a beautiful day in October.  I love the fabulous fall colors in the picture, I love that I managed to snap this picture as we were hopping along the sidewalk on the way to the park, and I love that beautiful smile on my sweet little girl!

September was filled with nothing other than Friday Night Lights as we watched my brother in law play his final year of high school football.  When I say play, I mean we watched him watch the other guys play but you know what I mean.  He didn't get much playtime but he still loves football and we had a fun time cheering him on!

In August I photographed my first wedding.  More importantly it was my Uncle's wedding and he happened to be marrying the best thing that ever happened to him.  This is the bride kissing their sweet little girl.
July is always fun with summer picnic's, parties, and Independence Day celebrations.  What better childhood memory to capture than the slip-n-slide next to sisters in the kiddie pool?  You know that day was fun!

The Strawberry Festival is in June each year on Father's Day Weekend.  This year was great because both girls were able to ride the rides and they had a blast.  Daddy takes them on the Ferris Wheel because I'm terrified of them, but they sure are pretty!
May was pretty uneventful, I think I was still getting used to my camera at that point, but we did start talking about having me take my brother-in-law's senior pictures.  They didn't end up happening until July but I spent a couple of months looking at poses, learning my camera, and thinking about locations.  This is my favorite picture from the set.

April was my birthday, and Nick got me my first DSLR (I don't know how I lived without it.)  It was also my oldest daughter's very first dance recital.  She was in the hip-hop class and they danced to 'You Can't Touch This'.  It was cute, but she and her sister decided to take Ballet this time around so that they can have pretty ballerina costumes like this friend.

In March this little girl turned 4!  As the snow was melting on the ground we started walking regularly to give this girl time to master her biking skills.  I love the colors in this and the retro look to it.  I also love that it's rough and dirty, not clean and sparkly - kids don't have fun when they're clean and sparkly!

I think we were going a little stir crazy in February, waiting for spring.  We had a few princess parties and had fun taking pictures of silly faces!

Oh my baby girl who had just turned 2 in this photo, holding one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books last January...  *sniff*  she's grown so much over the past year!

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